Varsha S. Kumar

Copywriting | Content Writing | Social Media Management

I am a Singapore-based Copywriter. I help brands grow their online presence through SEO-friendly copywriting, content creation, and social media management. My approach to your brand’s growth is in-depth market research, detailed background work, and top-notch writing that appeals to your target audience.

By hiring me, you save time. Spend it on other important business-related things, or on a golf course, or watching Netflix while I take care of the marketing and content aspect of your brand’s growth.

Services I offer

A brand’s online success rests on how compelling its content is. Even the most kickass product will fail if it doesn’t convince people why they need to buy it. That’s where I come in. 

I help you write powerful content that will not only sell your brand but also make your audience talk about it. Are you ready for brand growth? Let’s get on a call!

Website Copywriting

SEO-friendly web copy that establishes your brand as the leader in your niche. Get any type of web copy ranging from blog posts to podcast scripts.

Proofreading and Editing

Copy that lacks a special touch? College essays that need some reworking? I'll help you proofread and edit your work to bring out its inner shine.

Press Release & PR Content

Generate consumer interest in your company's success with well-crafted press releases and PR content.

Social Media Content & Social Media Strategy

From crafting clever and catchy social media content to managing your social media accounts, you can count on me to increase your engagement rates and follower count.

Marketing Copywriting

I am your one-stop shop for brochures, banners, ads, flyers, product descriptions, email newsletters and any other marketing copy that your brand needs for its growth.

Check out my "Services" section for more info on how I can help your brand's copywriting needs!


I love to write and I love sharing what I write. I am a regular contributor to various writing platforms. My portfolio offers you a little sneak-peek into my work and writing style.

Our Customers

I am a big fan of experimenting and working with brands from different niches. Whether you’re a small business or a multi-national company, I am ready to help you for all your brand’s copywriting requirements.

"Amazing Designs and Quality Work!"

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The face behind the words

Hi! I am Varsha, a Singapore-based copywriter and content creator. I have been in this industry for more than 3 years. I am a tech-savvy millennial with a degree in Psychology. This cool combination means I know exactly what gets people interested and talking about something; whether it’s a product or what Rihanna wore to the Grammys.